Innovative handling solutions for the locomotive industry

Improved safety, productivity and ergonomics Moving forward from traditional approach to handling The railway coach and engine manufacturing industry in India is constantly evolving, with several positive trends emerging in recent years. While focus on Make in India, increased automation, and upgradation of existing manufacturing facilities is enabling high-quality and large volumes, the traditional methods … Read more

Types of Industrial Manipulator: Basic Terminology

Types of Industrial Manipulator Basic Terminology

Industrial manipulators come in various types, encompassing Industrial manipulator, articulated arm, hydraulic arm, Jib crane, lift and vacuum lift and balanced manipulator arms. check out more on type of industrial manipulators as follows. Industrial manipulator: A machine with a flexible arm that can pick, move and place heavier and oddly shaped objects in desired locations. … Read more

The role of Industrial manipulators in the industry

The role of Industrial manipulators in the industry

Industrial manipulators, serving as advanced material handling equipment, make it safer and easier to lift and carry objects that are heavier and/or have somewhat unconventional shapes. With its strong and flexible arm, the industrial manipulator, a type of ergonomic manipulator equipped with robotic arms, can easily pick, move, and place such objects outside its own … Read more

Material Handling for Tractors 

Material handling for tractors 

The backbone of Indian agricultural sector has come far from its humble roots Tractors have made a giant leap into the future, in terms of power, performance, exports, and production processes. By 2020, India has emerged as the largest exporter of tractors to the world and its domestic manufacturing capacity is estimated to touch 1 … Read more

Advantages of industrial manipulator

Advantages of industrial manipulator

Maximum number of injuries at workplace happen in course of material handling. Studies suggest that 32% of workplace injuries take place during material handling. Repetitive movements strain back muscles, causing the most common injuries: strains and sprains. Cuts stand second while fractures are the lease prevalent. Manual material handling thus entails higher labor costs and … Read more

Hoists, Robots or manipulators?

Hoists, Robots or manipulators

How to decide the degree of automation you can implement? Automation already accounts for 1% of India’s GDP, and it is set to grow exponentially in the coming decade. From around 14% today, automation is set to go up to 30% of the Indian industry in the next 5 years. Automation in production and material … Read more

Factors for Efficient Material Handling Design

Factors for efficient material handling design

The emerging wave of automation is making material handling safer, faster, and more cost-effective. While manual labour is still seen as low-cost way of material handling, it has a high potential for injuries.  On the other hand, material handling automation can reduce workplace injuries by up to 72%. Automated or semi-automated material handling equipment  redresses the … Read more

Safety in Material Handling

Safety in Material Handling

Data shows that around one-third of the total accidents at workplace are connected to material handling.  While working conditions such as lack of enough space do have a role in such incidents, around 80% of material handling injuries are caused due to human actions alone.  Material handing activity is part of all departments in a … Read more

The three jawed gripper on Curvy armed Manipulator

India’s leading automobile manufacturer had a requirement of manipulator, using which an operator can easily pick a spare wheel present on the trolley, and place it easily in the boot of the car on the moving conveyor. The tailgate would be installed already and it will be in Open position. Insertion of the spare wheel … Read more

Industrial Manipulators for effortless Handling in your Critical Tasks

Presenting the ‘FineLift’ industrial manipulators from Fine Handling – a economical and safe solution to ergonomic challenges in all kinds of Industrial Market place. Companies are always looking for solutions to move the materials faster, safer and ergonomically. For instance, repetitive motions in handling of simple objects such as boxes can become a troublesome back … Read more