finrae Rail System

Speedy, Smooth and Safe Movement of Material. finrae offers the widest range of highly advanced, world-class Aluminium Rail Systems for routine and critical material transfer tasks. finrae's comprehensive and modular range of rail system serves as the backbone of your material handling needs by providing an ergonomic solution and ease of handling

finrae rail ergonomic easy and lift, move and transfer of material

finrae is an advanced aluminium crane system that improves safety, reliability, and productivity for manufacturers, as well as mechanical workshops and process industries around the world.



One of the tedious tasks on automobile assembly line is fitment of small parts inside the car, standing in awkward position resulting in fatigue and thus in turn loss of productivity. Ergo Seat from Fine handling is the exact answer to these problems. Ergo seat is mounted on an overhead rail which is further auto synchronized with vehicle conveyor. It gives excellent comfort to the operator to easily enter inside the vehicle and assemble smaller part.

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