Advantages of industrial manipulator

Maximum number of injuries at workplace happen in course of material handling.

Studies suggest that 32% of workplace injuries take place during material handling. Repetitive movements strain back muscles, causing the most common injuries: strains and sprains. Cuts stand second while fractures are the lease prevalent.

Manual material handling thus entails higher labor costs and increased insurance costs plus manpower losses as workers take sick leaves. Additionally, human errors in handling delicate materials such as glass could cause more losses. That’s why we recommend manipulators. Discover more about the advantages of industrial manipulator.

Automating your material handling process with industrial manipulators ensures a healthier, more efficient, and faster material handling. 

How Fine handling manipulators make a difference and beneficial to your material handling

Know Advantages of Industrial Manipulator

Ergonomic design for better safety

Stress-reducing ergonomic design is central to automotive manipulators from fine handling. The benefits of precisely designed material handling solutions go well beyond improving efficiency. Good design guarantees safety, reliability and ease for thousands of cycles in operation without any interruption. Our ergonomic manipulators deliver results without straining the workmen. Designs considering primary and secondary safety for every possible scenario on the shop floor completely eliminate risks of injuries to workmen.

Versatile and powerful for handling heavy weight

Fine’s automotive manipulators and zero gravity manipulators are built to fit any product weight specifications and size dimensions. Our industrial manipulators lifting equipment features standard pneumatic and electrically actuated arms capable of lifting up to 500 Kg. Additionally, specialized arms can lift weights exceeding 1,000 Kgs. Versatility of the our automotive manipulators is best demonstrated in the gripper tooling. There are standard gripping attachments for drums, bags, boxes, cartons, reels or rolls. Fine Handling also customizes the grippers to uniquely craft your solution to best fit the duties it is expected to perform.

Proven solutions backed by over a decade of experience

Fine Handling has over 15 years of experience and expertise in designing automotive manipulators, zero gravity manipulators, and other specialized material handling solutions. We have worked for some of the leading companies in diverse sectors including automotive, logistics, packaging, food and beverages, chemicals and white goods.

Upon learning all the details of your material handling requirements, the solution starts taking shape in Fine Handling’s specialized design and engineering center. The Design and Engineering Centre features a secure and state-of-the-art computing environment for simulation, analysis, and product life-cycle management. Programing of all the PLC and electronic control systems is performed in-house by our team of experts.

Designed and tested as per global standards

Lean manufacturing and project management practices at Fine Handling are in accordance with the global standards. Stringent quality assurance systems ensure the highest standards. All the systems are tested for desired performance in site-like conditions, before dispatch. Dedicated Key Account Managers ensure regular updates and quick resolution of challenges at various stages from design to installation. This ensures a timely delivery of well proven automotive manipulator systems, fit to serve any size and complexity of automation.

Fine Handling works with you as a long-term partner to ensure zero downtime, and continued reliability and availability of the equipment. We have a dedicated service support team to attend to all your queries and requests for regular checkups, maintenance, and even emergency repairs. Annual maintenance contracts ensure that systems keep delivering efficient and reliable performance for its entire life.

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