The three jawed gripper on Curvy armed Manipulator

India’s leading automobile manufacturer had a requirement of manipulator, using which an operator can easily pick a spare wheel present on the trolley, and place it easily in the boot of the car on the moving conveyor. The tailgate would be installed already and it will be in Open position.

Insertion of the spare wheel in the boot of the Car posed multiple challenges. Fine Handling used a rail mounted Manipulator to enable an easy entry of the tyre inside the boot. With the tailgate already installed on the car, the specially designed curvy shaped articulated arm ensured Tyre enters safely without touching tailgate.

An innovative nylon gripper with 3 jaws clamped the tyre at its center. The Manipulator was designed to handle 2 variants of the wheels with a single gripper.

Further, a swivel movement to the gripper marked a perfect finish to the task of inserting the wheel in the boot space.

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