Fine Assist service and support

Fine Assist offers several quick and cost effective ways for upkeep your equipment.


Following an assessment by Fine-Hand, you have the option of overhauling your equipment to increase their service life. This typically involves complete refurbishment or replacement of electrical components, drives and other critical components.


As with all machinery, your material handling equipment may require parts replaced or wear and tear items to be changed. Considering the volume of manipulators and other equipment under our care, we maintain a healthy stock of spares, so you are never left waiting for a vital component.


With use over the years, equipment need repairs. Fine-Handling's expert team is well equipped to carry out all types of electrical, mechanical or structural repairs that may be required. The design team helps to modify and convert repair tasks into capability enhancement.

Emergency Repairs

Even after all the preventive care to arrest possible failures, failure or break down of equipment still occur. The service team is always available to extends its hand in case of such emergency and quick response in shortest possible time is our motto.

Upgrades and Refurbishment

As your business expands, existing technology in your equipment may need an upgrade. Upgrades are also essential in case of change in components to be handled, plant layouts or change in productivity needs, safety norms etc.

Technology Upgrade For Improved Capacity, Ease & Safety

At Fine-Handling, we help you upgrade the equipment in a economical way. The team of experts evaluates your existing system for the possibility to enhancing or migrating to a new technology. Smaller incremental technological changes are also considered to enhance ease and safety of the equipment.

Refurbishment For better Output

Keeping in mind your desire to have the best equipment and balancing that with the demands of a highly competitive business environment, Fine-Hand strives to ensure that you continue to get more output from your equipment for longer period of time. Fine-Handling offers cost-effective and innovative options to refurbish your equipment. Be it retrofitting VFD drives or cylinders ask Fine-Hand how best to simplify it using your existing equipment



When delivering the products, our service technicians will assist you with the installations on site on request.Taking a complete ownership, the Fine-Hand's team will install the handling systems along with structures and accessories at your site. The team will assist you until the pick and place or handling systems are fully ready for operation. Together, with your co-operation the systems are tested for their integration into your production process for desired cycle time.

Operator Training

Our commitment to keeping your equipment productive does not end with servicing them. We offer a range of services to help you keep them serving you continuously. These include Operator Trainings to enable them to make optimal use of equipment and perform periodic visual checks to identify areas that may require detail attention. Beyond training Operators, Fine-Hand extends support that can help you with performance planning, development of KPIs and performance reporting for the supplied equipment.

Quickly Resolving issues

  • Pneumatic circuits failure
  • Zero Gravity handling failure
  • Balancing issue
  • Component clamp de-clamp (not to be expressed in brochure)
  • Brake down – with no specific reason
  • Wear and tear parts like PU Items, bushings, stoppers
  • System Jamming
  • Mechanical Jamming
  • Balance valve failure
  • Program malfunction
  • Mechanical Jamming
  • Load cell failure – unable to lift
  • Unidentified problems – system is not working
  • Cylinder jamming
  • Problem in travel – Hardness
  • While shifting from one rail to other
  • Alignment issues

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