Handling Car Seats

Moving car seats on assembly lines can be tough due to design complexity, precision and speed needs in automobiles. Its Challenges like ergonomics, safety and cycle time must be met. Industrial manipulators and grippers help solve these issues effectively.

Car Seat Handling

Improve ergonomics when lifting, carrying or manipulating Car Seats

Our special manipulators help move car seats accurately, lessening worker strain from changing height to fit different seats and workers, reducing discomfort. Custom grippers can weigh seats to avoid damage crashes and keep workers safe. Our evaporator & grippers make handling faster and smoother different seat shapes securely keep seat placement consistent for better quality

Our unique manipulators ensure precise movement of car seats, reducing worker strain by adjusting height for different seats and workers, minimizing discomfort. Custom grippers prevent damage and ensure safety by weighing seats. Our technology improves handling speed, accommodates various seat shapes securely, and maintains consistent placement for higher quality.

In handling car seats, industrial manipulators and customized grippers enhance workplace ergonomics, bolster safety measures, reduce cycle times, and provide adaptability for various seat types – all contributing to more efficient and high-quality manufacturing processes.