2 Wheeler Body Frames Handling

2-wheeler body frames can vary in weight, but even lighter frames can be cumbersome to handle manually, especially in high-volume production settings. Handling 2-wheeler body frames poses several challenges due to their weight, size, and shape.

Improve ergonomics when lifting, carrying or manipulating 2 Wheeler Body Frames

Automation with Industrial Manipulators accelerates production by reducing cycle times and eliminating delays caused by manual handling. This ensures consistent handling and assembly of every 2-wheeler frame, eliminating variations due to human error

Industrial manipulators equipped with custom-designed grippers provide gentle handling of 2-wheeler body frames, minimizing the risk of damage or distortion during lifting and positioning. Industrial manipulators with high lifting capacity can easily lift and transport heavy body frames, reducing the physical strain on workers and ensuring safe handling.

2 wheeler Frame
Industrial manipulators offer precise control over the movement of body frames, allowing for accurate positioning and alignment during assembly or welding tasks. This helps improve efficiency and productivity while maintaining safety standards. Overall, industrial manipulators and custom grippers, along with innovative elbow-based lifting systems, streamline 2-wheeler body frame handling processes, improving efficiency, safety, and productivity in manufacturing facilities.