FoldARM from Fine is specially designed to easily reach out to inaccessible areas where work cell limitations make use of XY rail system or manipulator highly difficult.

Ergonomic easy and safe transfer of material

This articulated foldARM differs from a regular jib crane as it uses two 360° pivoting arms that enable the FoldARM to reach out to confined areas. The entire system can also be designed using pneumatic controls to avoid constraints of electrical connection. Safety features are designed as per mounting option and the material to be handled. FoldARM can be supplied with any kind of lifting hoists for up/down controls or air balancer for effortless handling.



Our manipulator equipment with a folding arm and cable achieves lifting by linking the auxiliary lifting equipment on the mechanical arm to the fixture using a cable. Employed with diverse standard fixtures, it facilitates tasks such as workpiece handling, palletizing, loading and unloading. This system diminishes operator fatigue, optimizes productivity and upholds worker safety, making it highly versatile for application in modern production lines.


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