Column or Floor Mounted Manipulators

Column-mounted Industrial Manipulators consist of a vertical column or pillar securely anchored to the floor or ceiling, with a movable arm or boom attached to the column. The arm may be equipped with various types of end-effectors, such as grippers, clamps, or suction cups, depending on the specific application requirements.

Tire Wheel Assembly Manipulator & Grippers

Handling and manipulating heavy or bulky objects within a defined workspace

A column-mounted manipulator is capable of performing intricate pneumatic tilts and rotations. It maintains stability even when handling products away from their center of mass.



In environments where access to objects from multiple angles is required, column-mounted manipulators offer flexibility in positioning and maneuverability, allowing for easy access to objects from different directions. Fine's column-mounted manipulator provide ergonomic support to workers by assisting with lifting, positioning, and moving objects within the workspace.


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