Types of Industrial Manipulator: Basic Terminology

Industrial manipulators come in various types, encompassing Industrial manipulator, articulated arm, hydraulic arm, Jib crane, lift and vacuum lift and balanced manipulator arms. check out more on type of industrial manipulators as follows.

Industrial manipulator:

A machine with a flexible arm that can pick, move and place heavier and oddly shaped objects in desired locations. It can move objects even outside its center of mass, tilting and and rotating in almost any direction.


The arm of the industrial manipulator is the part that moves its wrist and the end effector. The arm comprises powered joints and flexible links. The hand or the end-effector of the industrial manipulator is a separate part and is not included in the definition of arm. Various types of industrial manipulator can feature different arm designs

Articulated arm:

An arm so detailed in joints and movements that it exhibits a flexibility near to that of a human arm.

Hydraulic arm:

A type of industrial manipulator arm which uses the power of fluid for its movements.

Articulated manipulator:

A type of industrial manipulator which has a greater degree of freedom due to its special design. It has different section comprising of multiple joints that offer greater flexibility.


A device used by operators to balance loads by suspending them in the air and then guide them to desired position and location.

Cable balancer:

A balancer that uses cables attached to its front effector to balance objects. Fine Handling’s Air Balancer uses two cables instead of one for improved safety. Air balancing equipment is excellent for repetitive tasks in assembly processes, repair, and production activities in many industries, including manufacturing, solar energy, automotive, railroad, aviation, healthcare, and food.

Jib crane:

A crane made of two parts: a pillar which supports a horizontal jib or boom and a movable hoist.  The hoist lifts or lowers objects using a drum or lift-wheel. The lifting medium could be a chain, a wire or a rope.


Lift assist or turntable as it is also known, is used to assist workers in lifting heavy loads. It helps significantly reduce the lifting and reaching efforts of the workers


Industrial mobility solutions that are used to lift, move and place various kinds of loads. They use electricity, or pneumatic power sources or may be manually operated.

Material handling equipment:

The assortment of machines used to move, store, and protect goods throughout their lifetime from production to disposal.

Pneumatic cylinder:

A device that turns the potential energy of compressed air into mechanical energy or force that creates a linear motion.

Pneumatic manipulator:

A type of industrial manipulator manipulator powered by compressed air

Vacuum lift:

Vacuum lifters are units that lift loads using the power of vacuum. Pneumatic mechanisms, electricity or hydraulics power them.

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