Truck Windshield Handling

Truck windshields are large and heavy, making them difficult to handle manually, especially during transportation and installation.

Truck Windshield

Improve ergonomics when lifting, carrying or manipulating Truck Windshield Handling

Industrial manipulators equipped with lifting mechanisms can easily lift and transport heavy truck windshields, reducing the risk of strain or injury to workers. These manipulators provide the necessary lifting capacity and control to handle windshields safely and efficiently.

Industrial manipulators offer precise control over the movement of windshields, allowing for accurate positioning and alignment during installation. This helps improve efficiency and productivity while maintaining safety standards.

Truck Windshield
Fine’s Grippers specifically designed for truck windshields ensure a secure and precise grip, even on fragile glass surfaces, minimizing the risk of damage during handling. These grippers can accommodate different windshield sizes and shapes, providing versatility and flexibility in windshield handling tasks. Overall, industrial manipulators and customized grippers streamline truck windshield handling processes, improving efficiency, safety, and productivity in automotive workshops, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.