3 Wheeler Body Frames Handling

Handling 3-wheeler bodies, such as those used in auto-rickshaws or trikes, presents various challenges due to their size, weight, and shape. Fine Handling has developed innovative solutions for vertical lifting, horizontal movement and placement of 3-wheeler bodies with ease.

2_3 Wheeler Body Frames

Improve ergonomics when lifting, carrying or manipulating 3 Wheeler Body Frames

Industrial Manipulators Automation speeds up production by cutting cycle times and getting rid of delays from manual handling. Automated systems carefully position and align the frame, making sure parts fit perfectly. This means every 3-wheeler frame is handled and assembled the same way every time, removing differences from human error.

Handling 3-wheeler frames in manufacturing processes presents unique challenges, demanding precision, safety, and efficiency. Industrial manipulators and customized grippers play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges

Overall, a fully automatic system for handling 3-wheeler frames in production environments offers numerous advantages that contribute to improved efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness in the assembly process. Solution from Fine Handling uses lightweight aluminum rails – finrae along with innovative elbow-based lifting systems for vertical lifting and safe movement. This system can be fully automated or semi-automatic based on the needs of the customer. It allows manufacturers to meet production demands while maintaining high standards of quality and safety.