Vacuum Lifter

Transform your material handling operations with the Fine's Vacuum Lifter. Designed to safely and efficiently move sacks, bags and carton boxes, this vacuum bag lifter is essential for manufacturing, mechanical processing, warehouses and distribution terminals. Its electric vacuum pump, vacuum hose, lift tube, control unit and suction foot make lifting tasks effortless and safe in any working condition.

vacuum lifter

Vacuum Lifter ergonomic easy and safe transfer of material

Vacuum Tube Lifter not only enhances productivity but also prioritizes ergonomics and health protection. By minimizing manual lifting stress on employees' musculoskeletal systems, it significantly reduces the risk of workplace injuries. Intuitive to operate and versatile in application, this vacuum box lifter is a smart investment for any organization aiming to improve efficiency and safety in material handling.



The Vacuum Tube lifters are driven by an electric vacuum pump or pneumatic vacuum pumps with load carrying capacity of up to 200 Kg.. These can be mounted on column-mounted Jib Crane or wall-mounted Jib Cranes. Our intelligent and innovative design helps you create ergonomic workstations that meet health and safety standards, reducing or avoiding stoppages related to ill health.


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