Telescopic Manipulators

Telescopic manipulators can extend and retract their arms, providing variable reach capabilities. This flexibility allows them to access confined or hard-to-reach spaces, making them ideal for applications where precise positioning is required.

Telescopic Manipulator
Telescopic Manipulators

Efficient use of floor space in crowded industrial environments

Telescopic manipulators typically have a compact design when retracted, minimizing space requirements when not in use. This makes them suitable for environments with limited space availability, such as manufacturing cells or assembly lines.



Like every Fine Manipulator, Telescopic systems reduce operator fatigue and strain, enhancing comfort and eliminating the likelihood of repetitive motion injuries. Telescopic manipulators can handle a wide range of loads, from light to heavy, due to their adjustable lifting capacity. This versatility makes them suitable for various applications across different industries, including automotive, aerospace, and logistics.


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