Handling Electrical Components

Handling various electrical products, especially for mounting or installing them on equipment, control panels, machines, vehicles, etc., can present several challenges. Manipulators and customised grippers ensure fast, precise and ergonomic handling of delicate electrical components.

Electrical Components

Improve ergonomics when lifting, carrying or manipulating Electrical Components

An electrical manipulator, or EMA, is a high-performance module that can perform multiple functions for easy & safe handling. These functions include elevation, slew, rotation, jaw (close/open), and elbow.

Manipulators with customizable end-effectors or tooling options can accommodate various product shapes and sizes, enabling accurate placement even in confined areas. Manipulators with automated or semi-automated functions can streamline the installation process, reducing manual labor and cycle times while increasing throughput and overall productivity.

Electrical Components

Manipulators with programmable controls and adjustable gripping force can provide gentle handling of delicate electrical components, reducing the risk of product damage or defects. Manipulators with modular designs and flexible mounting options can easily integrate into different work environments and adapt to changing production needs, ensuring compatibility with diverse applications and equipment types.