Industrial Manipulators for effortless Handling in your Critical Tasks

Presenting the ‘FineLift’ industrial manipulators from Fine Handling – a economical and safe solution to ergonomic challenges in all kinds of Industrial Market place.

Companies are always looking for solutions to move the materials faster, safer and ergonomically. For instance, repetitive motions in handling of simple objects such as boxes can become a troublesome back or joint injuries for the workers over a period of time. It also reduces the productivity of the process. For more complex objects such as cylinders or glasses pose serious risks to safety of life and also the material being handled.

The Fine Lift Manipulator manufactured by Fine Handling and Automation in India helps to solve these problems. 

Bringing Innovation in Pick and Place Requirements

Fine Handling was founded in 2004 by Nilesh Karandikar. As a young engineer, Nilesh trained and worked in Germany for industrial manipulator and material handling companies. In India, Fine Handling is one of the few companies to bring innovative solutions in pick and place tasks.

Over the last decade, Fine Handling has provided over 1500+ Manipulators in various industries in India starting from automotive, chemicals, locomotives, defense, packaging, pharmaceuticals, logistics and engineering to name a few. Today, Fine Handling is a leader in offering solutions for Industrial India and FineLift is dedicated to well-being and health cause of the workforce.

Not only the use of Manipulator decrease the amount of aches and fatigue related injuries in the work place but also reduce the insurance claims entered because of such injuries.

With increasing workforce costs, the heavy lifting duties that were male dominated in the past can now be performed by anyone in the workforce. Even by the people with general skills or much lesser strength.

Versatile Product Range

Fine Handling’s product line is a versatile one. There are FineLifts available to fit any product weight specifications and size dimensions. Standard pneumatic or electrically actuated arms are capable of lifting up to 500 Kg and specialized arms can lift weights more than 1,000 Kgs.

FineLift has a parallel arm construction, for support and strength and operates with articulated joint which allows it to rotate. Operator can easily move the material to any direction with ease.


There are multiple mounting configurations, so the FineLift can comfortably fit into the dimensions of most work areas. Versatility of the FineLift is best demonstrated in the gripper tooling. There are standard gripping attachments for Drums, bags, boxes, cartons, reels or rolls. But these can be modified by Fine Handling’s team to fit in any job.

Fine Handling also customizes the grippers to make it application specific, so that your solution will be uniquely crafted to best fit the duties it is expected to perform.


Safety is of utmost priority, and primary and secondary safety mechanisms are built into each model. If for instance, there is an unexpected power outage the material will not collapse or loose suction. The safety air reservoir will allow the product to be set down gradually. The gripper will not leave the material until the entire weight is rested.

Additionally, all the required safety factors is built in to each unit. The FineLift is a low maintenance product. However, Fine Handling keeps a stock of all of the replacement parts.

Worker safety and reduced back and motion injuries, reduced insurance premiums, lesser dependency on skilled or strong labour and faster and safer movement of materials help you to earn quick RoI,

All of these factors, together, help companies to improve Operator well being and improved bottom line.

For effortless handling in your critical tasks, get in touch with Fine Handling today!

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