Vehicle Doors Handling

Industrial manipulators and custom grippers play a crucial role in the efficient and safe handling of hoods in various industrial applications. Bonnet/Hood handling poses unique challenges, and these solutions address them effectively while improving ergonomics, safety, and cycle times.

Vehicle Doors Handling

Improve ergonomics when lifting, carrying or manipulating Vehicle Doors

Industrial manipulators and custom grippers offer precise control for moving and positioning doors accurately. Consistency is ensured as manipulators handle doors uniformly, reducing human errors. Manipulator systems lift and position doors swiftly, cutting assembly times and boosting production.

Industrial manipulators lessen the physical strain on workers, making work safer and more comfortable. It comes with safety features like emergency stop buttons and collision detectors, reducing the chance of accidents and protecting workers. Our manipulators can handle doors of different sizes and types, fitting various vehicle models.

Door handling
Door frames are difficult to handle because they have sharp edges which makes handling these components risky. Improper handling may lead to cut or wound injuries to operators. With safety at its core, Fine Handling has developed customized grippers to meet the Door designs of automotive manufacturers and ensure risk-free and easy handling.