Tire Wheel Rim Handling

Handling tire rims in industrial settings presents unique challenges, and the integration of industrial manipulators and customized grippers is crucial to address these challenges efficiently. Fine Handling has developed a variety of solutions for tire rim handling capable of pick and place for 1 to 4 tire rims in one go. Unique gripper designs provide maximum flexibility, safety and efficiency.

Wheel Rim Handling

Improve ergonomics when lifting, carrying or manipulating Tire Wheel Rim

Industrial manipulators for tire rim handling aid in lifting and positioning rims, alleviating strain on workers. Their precision control minimizes the risk of accidents and damage to rims.

Industrial manipulators for tyre rim handling provide swift and precise movement, enhancing production speed. Grippers are customizable to fit specific rim shapes, ensuring a secure fit with minimal contact pressure. Manipulators enable quicker handling of tire and wheel rims reducing production downtime. Customized grippers allow for seamless integration into automated wheel handling workflows, optimizing overall cycle times.

Tyre Rim Handling

Fine handling provides an industrial manipulator for a wheel rim handling manipulator, commonly referred to as a tire handler and tyre rim or tire clamp, which is a device designed for managing large wheels or OTR tires. Typically, it serves as an attachment to various vehicles like loaders, trucks or forklifts.