Dashboards and Instrument Panel Handling

Handling dashboards and instrument panels on the automotive assembly lines presents unique challenges, particularly concerning ergonomics, safety, and cycle time. Fine Handling offers Industrial manipulators and custom grippers to handle Instrument Panels in Cars, SUVs, and HCVs.

Dashboards and Instrument Panel

Improve ergonomics when lifting, carrying or manipulating Dashboards and Instrument Panel

Industrial manipulators streamline the handling of dashboards and instrument panels, easing ergonomic strain by automating heavy lifting and repetitive tasks. They ensure mistake-free installation with precise positioning, minimizing worker fatigue. With gentle and controlled handling, delicate components are safeguarded, ensuring a perfect fit in multiple slots.

To achieve a precise fit, our system ensures gentle and controlled handling, safeguarding delicate components and ensuring a perfect fit in the multiple slots designed for the IP Panel. Safety is paramount, with sensors stopping operations in case of anomalies. Enhanced production efficiency is achieved through consistent and rapid handling. The Gripper design enables quick tool changes and adapts to various dashboard designs.

Dashboards and Instrument Panel Handling

The dashboard is heavy and is put in place with precision with no damage. Fine Handling Manipulators are used to handle and position dashboards inside a vehicle. The dashboard is a vehicle’s control centre and one of the first big parts installed during production.

Our Custom grippers & manipulators are built for the specific and critical task of car-motorcycle industry, with adapted design, dimensions and picking systems.