CV Manifold Handling

CV Manifolds in the engine/powertrain line are typically stacked horizontally and are required to place vertically on to the machine. Handling Manifold slightly difficult owing to its relatively complex profile and requires careful design to ensure a precise fit.

CV Manifold Handling

Improve ergonomics when lifting, carrying or manipulating CV Manifold

Fine Handling Industrial manipulators equipped with lifting mechanisms can easily lift and transport heavy CV manifold components, reducing the risk of strain or injury to workers. These manipulators provide the necessary lifting capacity and control to handle components safely and efficiently.

Fine Handling's Industrial manipulators offer precise control over the movement of manifold components, allowing for accurate positioning and alignment during assembly or installation. This helps improve efficiency and productivity while maintaining safety standards.

Overall, industrial manipulators and customized grippers streamline CV manifold handling processes, improving efficiency, safety, and productivity in automotive manufacturing and assembly operations.