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Handling of Material on Packaging is still a very labour intensive task leading huge impact on the productivity and output. Manual handling of material leads lot of productivity issues on one hand while on other hand it leads substainial wastages due to breakage and spillages.
Though Indian market is growing at phenominial speed, there is good amount need to automate and simplify various tasks to meet up the output goals. Fine Handling as been pivotal in developing some of the cutting edge solutions, may it be loading packed boxes in the container or moving goods on the shop floor, Fine Handling’s equipment has been successful in bringing more then 25% difference in the productivity with same or lesser laboour requirements.
AccelLOADER is an advanced truck or container loading/unloading system that eliminates all the hassles in process and increases output up to 5x than your current manpower intensive task.
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Vacuum Tube Lifter One of the most advanced pick and place solution that lift loads upto 200 kg within a fraction of second while totally eliminating Manual effort involved in the same.
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Reel Handling Industrial Manipulator with specially designed gripper for handling paper reels or packaging reels, quick lifting and loading of these reels on desired location.

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