Celebrating 75th Independence day in True spirit

True Independence On the 75 th Independence Day of India, our team was busy making a big consignment ready to be shipped outside of India. This happened in the same premises where 35 years back the first laser cutting technology was imported into this country.

These equipment depicted in the pictures below will be installed in the premises of a very big Automotive Giant with whom we have been working for last over almost 15 years. Thanks to the trust and confidence shown in us and the high quality being delivered by us, in each and every project.

My special thanks to the entire Fine Handling team that worked relentlessly right from the critical design phase all the way up to its assembly and thorough testing. Thanks to the infrastructure that we built almost a decade ago, were not only the project execution but also the cargo handling and stuffing a 45 feet container was quite an easy task. I take this opportunity to thank each and every client of ours who have always kept the trust in us and pushed us every time further and further expecting the next step technology to be developed and delivered with substantial innovation and with limitless passion.
Managing Director

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