Vacuum Lifter for Windshields and Glass Sheets Handling

Handling glass sheets in industrial settings presents unique challenges, demanding precision, safety and efficiency. Industrial manipulators and customized grippers play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges while enhancing productivity and safety.

Car Windshield Handling

Improve ergonomics when Vacuum lifting, carrying or manipulating Windshields and Glass Sheets

Automate vacuum lifting of heavy, delicate glass to prevent worker injuries. Comfortable interfaces for easy use. Precise control avoids breakage and scratches. Safety sensors halt operations if something's wrong. Speed up and improve accuracy in processes. Reduce downtime from accidents.

Vacuum Gripper designs fit specific glass sizes and weights. They adjust to handle different glass shapes. Consistent placement boosts productivity. Less breakage means less waste.

Car Windshield Handling

Fine Handling has helped automotive companies to solve all the above challenges of Windshields and Glass sheet handling while raising the efficiency and safety of the operators several notches higher.