Paver Block & Tiles handling

The elbow lift industrial manipulators and grippers are mechanical tools designed to lift bundles of heavy materials like pavers, concrete blocks, slabs, and tiles. Specifically crafted for heavy loading and unloading, they ensure efficient handling of these blocks.

Improve ergonomics when lifting, carrying or manipulating Paver Block & Tiles

The ElbowLIFTTM is customized handling equipment designed for lifting large loads with vertical lift. It is especially useful for the applications with less headroom and large component size.

An innovative development from Fine Handling, ElbowLIFT has 2 load arms and joint similar to the human elbow. It can move component along the vertical or horizontal axis, ElbowLIFT can achieve High-speed movement and can be electrically synchronized with existing conveyor system or assembly line to dramatically improve the efficiency and takt time.

ElbowLIFT is ideal for handling large components like frames and chassis, tackle or the gripper can be customized to meet specific requirements depending on the application and the load.