Forged and Cast Component Handling

The vertical lifting and movement of heavy automotive chassis present several challenges due to the weight and size of the components involved. Fine Handling has developed and supplied innovative solution for vertical lifting and movement of chassis within the plant or across stations.

Forged and Cast Components

Improve ergonomics when lifting, carrying or manipulating Forged and Cast Components

Special industrial manipulators with custom grippers quickly handle forged and cast parts, speeding up manufacturing. It helps accurately position and align parts during assembly. Grippers reduce manual lifting, lowering the risk of worker injuries.

Grippers are made to ease and ergonomic handling, reducing worker fatigue and boosting productivity. They're adjustable for different parts, sizes, and materials, fitting various automotive needs. Grippers are designed to protect fragile surfaces on parts, minimizing the risk of harm.

Forged and Cast Component Handling
Industrial manipulators and customized grippers are indispensable tools in handling forged and cast components, addressing ergonomic concerns, improving safety, reducing cycle times, and accommodating the unique requirements of these manufacturing processes.