CNG Tanks Handling

Factory-fitted CNG tanks CNG fueled vehicles have gained high popularity due to its lower price and pollution. The Indian market has over 30 Car models that come with fitted CNG Kit. Industrial Manipulators from Fine Handling ensure ergonomic, safe and accurate handling of the tanks

CNG Tank Handling

Improve ergonomics when lifting, carrying or manipulating CNG Tanks

Our Specialist vacuum-based gripper safely grips the circumference of the cylinder tanks. The belt and clamp mechanism with clamping indicator help in safe handling. Covers a large handling zone. Lifting to insertion in compact space

Our unique handling of CNG tanks on production lines is made easy with our quick and dependable manipulator. It can manage CNG tanks of different lengths, sizes, and diameters efficiently.

Industrial manipulators and customised grippers facility that handles CNG tanks,  elevating operational effectiveness, worker well-being and overall manufacturing efficiency. These equipment solutions safely vent the CNG from the tank and purge it with nitrogen. This is pivotal in enhancing safety, accuracy and productivity within the automotive while handling CNG Tanks.