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Quick and fast handling of material

Vacuum Tube Lifters are easy to use vacuum based lifting device, widely used for handling of bags, boxes, drums, sheet metal, electronic equipment, crates etc.
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Lifting load, repetitively & Fast, with poor postures does not require to be heavy to cause injuries or pain. Vacuum tube lifters from Fine Handling is an easy option to action above points, it is an easy and simple operation and reliable equipment. Vacuum tube lifters are extremely user-friendly and require no or minimal training. The Vacuum lifters are driven by an electric vacuum pump or pneumatic vacuum pumps with load carrying capacity up to 200 Kg.. These can be mounted on column mounted Jib Crane or wall Mounted Jib Cranes.

Can handle load up to 200 kg.

Very flexible to fit your specific needs

Increases productivity ensuring zero damage to the material

Safe, ergonomic and extremely user-friendly

Modular system which can be reconfigured for new tasks over time


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