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Safer, efficient and effective handling

VacuumLIFTER from Fine Handling is the ideal solution for handling of sheet metal plates, wood planks, glass sheet etc. it uses single to multiple pad based system to handle a variety of size, weight and shape of the components.
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The traditional methods of handling sheet metal plates, wooden boards and glass sheets using tackle mounted overhead cranes or jib cranes is highly inefficient and unsafe owing to their bulky size, higher weights, and sharp edges.VacuumLIFTER from Fine Handling is easy and safe solution to handle the wide range of sheet metals such as Aluminium, steel, SS, shaped sheets and other products like glass, wooden boards etc. VacuumLIFTER can handle lightweight components with very heavy task weighing up-to several tons.

Extrusion-based system to make it very light and easy to handle

Concealed end caps for extrusion converted it into a vacuum tank

International quality vacuum pad for reliable holding

The adjustable lever to adjust a distance between vacuum cups


Requires minimum training to operate

Eliminates risk of injuries like cut or wound to the operator

Long service life


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