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Ergonomic easy and safe transfer of material

Finrae’s aluminum rails are one of the most advanced systems with easy mounting, configuration and installation options.
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Finrae aluminum rails are characterized by their intelligent profile geometry that makes it compatible, flexible and therefore highly economical to implement with a wide range of other components.These rail systems can be easily installed on various mountings in the existing structures. Aluminum rails are very light in weight and thus require minimum civil work for their support system. Finrae offers 4 rail profile at present i.e. 150, 250,500 and 750.
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Compact installations with various mountings on the existing structure

Lightweight aluminum rail system leads to the reduction in cost of support system which in turn reduces to cost of the overall project

Easy alignment possible for smooth movement of material

Lowest starting and positioning efforts for even heavy material

Industrial Manipulators | Fine Handling and Automation

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