Highlights of Day 2 and 3 from Fine Handling’s Booth at IMTEX 2024 (Hall 2A C114)

Fine Handling’s solutions make a remarkable impact at IMTEX 2024!

Delegates visiting our booth expressed overwhelming interest in the #manipulator designed specifically for #sheet #metal #handling on press brakes.

The live demonstration showcased how Fine’s manipulator streamlined a task that had been considered unsafe, time-consuming, and challenging.

A major highlight at our booth was the display of #finrae lightweight #aluminum #rails, drawing attention to their effectiveness in making handling tasks remarkably smooth. The delegates appreciated its ergonomic design and contribution to increased efficiency in sheet metal applications.

It has been truly satisfying to engage with industry professionals, share insights, and discuss solutions for the handling challenges prevalent in sheet metal applications across various sectors. As ideas flowed, and solutions were explored we are ready for an exciting year of collaborations in 2024.