Experience the Ease of Fine Handling at IMTEX 2022 Exhibition!

Fine Handling’s solutions made a significant impact at IMTEX 2022!

Visitors to our booth showed immense interest in our manipulator designed specifically for sheet metal handling on press brakes. Our industrial manipulator impressed with its compact yet powerful design, making it an ideal solution for various industries.

During the live demonstration, Fine’s manipulator showcased how it streamlined a previously unsafe, time-consuming, and challenging task. Delegates were impressed by the customized gripper’s adaptability and versatility for all handling needs.

A highlight of our booth was the display of Finrae lightweight aluminum rails, which garnered attention for their ability to make handling tasks exceptionally smooth. Visitors appreciated their ergonomic design and contribution to increased efficiency in sheet metal applications.

Engaging with industry professionals, sharing insights, and discussing solutions for prevalent handling challenges in sheet metal applications has been immensely rewarding. As ideas flowed and solutions were explored, we look forward to exciting collaborations in 2022.