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Work without Weights

The FineLIFT twin-rope balancer is a perfect zero gravity balancer, which balances loads up to rated capacity as required using only air-pressure as the power source.
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Our precision pneumatic balancing circuit for zero gravity handling systems enables the operator to manipulate load in a state of weightlessness throughout its working area. An Air Balancer is ideal for compact installation and quick pick & place operations. Air balancing equipment is excellent for repetitive tasks in assembly processes, repair, and production activities in many industries, including manufacturing, solar energy, automotive, railroad, aviation, healthcare, and food.

Loads can be lifted with very minimal lifting effort

Equipment goes into balance only after proper sensing of jobs

Two-lifting cables instead of one for increased safety

Arms to achieve maximum ergonomic reach and lift

Totally explosion proof as it uses only air as power

Air balancer with different type of customized grippers can be provided

Very low air consumption (5NL per stroke) and very low noise generation

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