Zero downtime is our goal

We understand the importance of reliability and availability of equipment

Fine-Hand is a dedicated post sales and after-market services unit of Fine Handling. In-house maintenance teams rely on Fine-Hand’s systematic and expert services to achieve highest reliability and availability for critical handling equipment supplied by Fine Handling. With end-to-end service support from Fine-Hand, the in-house maintenance teams are able to save on time, costs and manpower required to assure zero downtime for their equipment.
With Fine-Hand, you have direct access to a team of specialists to provide you solutions for upkeep of equipment on your production line.

Heath Check-up Assessment

Preventive health check-ups are important for a high performance and long life of the equipment. They also reduce the future risks of failure or breakdown. Health check-up includes assessment of Components, major and minor with electronics Support structures involved such as column, rails etc. Compliance to internal/industry level safety norms Trial runs for smooth performance and cycle time.

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs)

In addition to regular health checks, your equipment requires a structured preventive maintenance plan. This will ensure that they remain in service for as long as possible and remain reliable throughout their life. Moreover, AMC ensures timely inputs on the health of wear parts, so that you can be well prepared for replacements at your convenience, rather than being caught off guard and suffering production down time.


As with all machinery, your material handling equipment may require parts replaced or wear and tear items to be changed. Fine-Hand can help you source parts for almost all your needs and install them as they had been from the factory. Considering the volume of manipulators and other equipment under our care, we maintain a healthy stock of spares, so you are never left waiting for a vital component.

Emergency Repairs

Even after all the preventive care to arrest possible failures, failure or break down of equipment still occur. The service team is always available to extends its hand in case of such emergency and quick response in shortest possible time is our motto.

Why trust Fine-Hand?

– Service at your doorstep through a single point of contact
– Systematic approach towards achieving zero down time
– Improved plant productivity and profitability
– Consultative approach to problem solving
– Lifetime relationships through personalized attention

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