Easy transfer of Wheel rims from Pallets to the Conveyor

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Success Story

A leading Automotive manufacturer was looking for a solution to transfer the wheel rims, which were presented on the pallets, to the automatic conveyor. In all, 9 wheel rims were presented at once on the conveyor.
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Challenge & Innovations

Space constraint was a key challenge. Considering the space constraint, Fine Handling developed a telescopic system that operated through simple chain and hoist with a gripper attached to it. The system was mounted on easy to move Finrae® rails, enabling operators for effortless movement. Another challenge was to develop a single gripper which could hold all the 19 rim variants and handle 7 different Internal Diameters.
Fine Handling’s team solved this by designing a sliding jaw type gripper. The hand brakes on the gripper helped to locate the sliding jaw into the wheel rim. Use of LM bock and specialised rails ensured smooth up-down movement. The system is designed to pick up to 2 rims at a time from three picking heights and operates for a continuous process which is quite fast.
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