A safe inversion of 4.2 Ton Chassis of earth moving equipment

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Success Story

One of world’s largest earth moving equipment manufacturers turns to Fine Handling to solve its challenge in safe handling (inversion) of a 4.2 T Chassis.
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Challenge & Innovations

In the assembly line of heavy earthmoving equipment, there is a need at a particular station where the entire sub-assembled chassis weighing 4.2 T is to be inverted. Using belt with a standard EOT crane the operation becomes extremely unsafe and tedious. If a floor mounted inversion system is deployed with a head stock and tail stock concept, handling increases and at the same time ample effective floor space gets occupied.

Given the size of the Chassis, its weight and shape, gripping mechanism of any sort was just not possible in this case. This creates its own challenges for safety.

Bhushan – Project Manager at Fine Handling

Fine Handling’s design team replicated a detailed layout of the site conditions. The team then evaluated multiple solution options and zeroed in on a specialised mechanism using hoist and crane. The hoist operation was synchronised with the EOT Crane to rotate the 4.2 T Chassis in 3 steps.
AFine Handling’s team ensured it used simple to operate but highly sturdy mechanism to handle the Chassis. A special remote pendant was designed to operate the system from a distance, thereby eliminating any possibility of a mishap.
Given the simplicity and safety in operations, the Operator at the Client location took an instant liking to the solution. The task of rotation was completed in almost 1/10th of the time, that was initially required by the Operator.

Benefits to the customer

  • Easy to use, smart handling solution
  • Totally safe with remote driven operation
  • Maintenance friendly design
  • Low investment solution with simple engineering

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