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Flawless travel of tyre from a conveyor to car hub

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Success Story

Automatic system to carry tyres from conveyor to the operator present near car hub. System was designed to handle 7 variants of the tyres with JPH 40. Specialised conveyor with orientation change functionality of 90°.
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Challenge & Innovations

Conveyor with 90˚ orientation change functionality

Fine Handling


L-shaped roller strip was developed and attached to conveyor, Roller strip consisted of small rollers and a tilting cylinder to achieve orientation change.

Automatic travel of manipulator to conveyor from home position and back

Fine Handling


Electro-pneumatic manipulator where lift and tilt functionality were driven electrically & clamping was based on pneumatic this removed the risk sudden jerks & accidents arising out of it.

Transfer of tyre from tilting system to telescopic manipulator

Fine Handling


L shape tilting system was provided with vertical up and down motion so that it can go down to automatically transfer the tyre on to the manipulator.

Auto-balancing of 7 types of different tyres with different weights

Fine Handling


Two load cells are provided to check the weight of the tyre and send a signal to E/P convertor which will help to decide air pressure required for the system to lift the tyre.


Better productivity by eliminating the time required for tyre transfer

Automatic system reduces manpower requirement

Can handle all 7 variants of the tyres

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