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Effortless and safe insertion of heavy rotors on testing machine

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Success Story

Precise mounting of rotors on the testing machine crucial in handling rotors. Slight misalignment could lead damage of pivots of the testing machine. Fine handling provided a Electro-pneumatic manipulator with weight carrying capacity up to 400 kg.
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Challenge & Innovations

Handling 32 variants of rotors with different size and weight

Fine Handling


Gripper was designed in such a way that it covers at-least two lobes of the rotor and Polyurethane jaws were provided for safe lifting.

Lifting the heavy rotors and orientation change by 90°

Fine Handling

Lift & Tilt

Electro-pneumatic manipulator where lift and tilt functionality were driven electrically & clamping was based on pneumatic this removed the risk sudden jerks & accidents arising out of it.

Precise mounting of rotors on testing machine pivot

Fine Handling


Gripper was designed with a size 128 mm, which was later on increased to 228 mm further again increased to 350 mm to achieve exact accuracy.


Eliminated damages to testing machine pivot arising out of the improper mounting

Easy handling of 32 variant of rotors with one single gripper

Eliminated risk of injury to the operators

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