Innovative solution for easy mounting of Truck doors

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Success Story

Truck Doors are huge often measuring in excess of 1.5 mts in length. And that’s just one part of the challenge. On the metal finishing line the door frames must be matched exactly to the door aperture when mounting.
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Challenge & Innovations

The body of the vehicle and the door must be perfectly flushed. Also, the gap between the door and vehicle’s door aperture must be uniformly maintained on all the four sides. Fine Handling’s design team conceptualized an innovative solution for handling of doors on a cab on slat conveyor.
Door are presented on trolly, while vehicle body comes on conveyor. As soon as Vehicle comes on assembly point operator will clamp and pick the door from the conveyor, engage pneumatic operated pencil spacer (designed for maintaining the gap) on all four sides of the door. The Operator inside the Vehicle will manually bolt the door to the vehicle. The Gripper was provided with a tilt mechanism to allow the operator to align the door to the hinges.
A set of pneumatically actuated PU rollers ensured perfect flushness. A toggle clamp is provided separately to eliminate slight variations, if any. After achieving a perfect flush and gap, the Operator seating inside the vehicle further tightens the bolts of the door with the help of a nut runner.

The innovative solution matched the Client’s needs in every aspect – safety, cycle-time, ease of handling and also the budgets.

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