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Specialized solution to handle third row seat in SUVs

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Specialized solution to handle third row seat in SUVs

Success Story

Inserting the 3rd row of seat is a difficult task. The 3rd Row Seats are heavy, slightly bulky and need to be inserted from tailgate aperture for SUV segment vehicles. In this particular case, there were 3 variants of vehicle tail gate opening, with one having top opening system and 2 others having side opening. The solution design had to ensure that the gripper or the seat does not touch part inside or outside of the vehicle body, including tail gate light.
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Challenge & Innovations

Fine Handling’s team developed a specialized odd shaped articulated Arm to ensure neither the seat nor the manipulator touches any part of the tailgate. The Gripper was provided with tilt mechanism, so that the Operator could tilt the seat by one side for it to be inserted in the vehicle.


Fine Handling


Stainless Steel jaw type Gripper clamps the seat.
Fine Handling


Tilting mechanism was provided to ensure smooth insertion of seat in the vehicle without any damage to seat or vehicle.
Fine Handling


Up down orientation change functionality was provided to the gripper so that operator can properly align the seat to its bolting holes.

Smooth and seamless Insertion of Third row seat inside the vehicle through a tailgate aperture.

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