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Easy handling of batteries with electric bores

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Success Story

Getting a order from Europe always has special importance, especially when it comes automation or material handling equipment. It was a battery giant from Italy who was using Italian make Manipulators, However it was turning out to be a costly investment. With Fine Handling he got a Manipulator with similar features that of Italian make with much lesser investment without any compromise on quality.
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Challenge & Innovations


Handling different type of batteries with weight range of 10 to 105 Kg. These batteries are presented on a trolley which need to lifted and inserted in the to a battery tank which can be connected to machines like forklift or any battery operated equipment.



Vertical shaped batteries had to be lifted with the help of tapping bores of power supply, As the size and weight of the batteries were different so was distance between the bores. Gripping with these tapping bores also got risk of power supply being drained during the handling.

Secondly these batteries had a weight range of 10 to 105 kg means manipulator required a facility to adjust the weight capacity.

Adjustable gripper to handle eight different types of batteries

Clamping the batteries with the help of its tapping bores.
Batteries had. to lifted with the help bores. Few batteries had two bore were bigger batteries had four, Even the distance between the bores varied. Specialized gripper was designed with bolts similar to the tapping bolts, Air motor was provided which will automatically tighten the bolts for the gripping.

Further, Additional float was provided to the gripper to adjust according to the distance between the tapping bores.

Handling batteries with different size and weight
As the size of the batteries varied so did there weight. Two match the requirement a Column mounted manipulator was provided with weight capacity up to 110 kg. Easy to use accelerator type Gas grip was provided where operator can adjust weight capacity. It was also provided with a indicator which would indicate that weight is now balanced.

Manipulator was suppose to handle eight different type of batteries, a Manual adjuster was provided to adjust the distance between the bores

Ensuring Safety
There was a slight chance that batteries might get drained or current may through the manipulator. This was risky, Fine Handling provided its gripping bolts with an insulation so that current does not pass through and risk of any shock or battery draining is nullified.

Even after ensuring all the aspects, couple of challenges were still half resolved, it was observed that operator at time were struggling while adjusting to the tapping bores and further bolting them, Fine Handling solved this challenge by providing additional float to the tapping bolt itself so that operator can easily align the gripper.

Secondly, While balancing the weight especially in case of batteries which were heavy an additional force was required further lift the batteries. Option of additional force was provided for ease of operation.

Safety Features

  • A manipulator was equipped with a sensor to ensure proper clamping of the component.
  • Specialized J type clamps were developed which will hold the component in case of air failure
  • Double hand clamping to ensure operator alertness
  • De-clamping controls were provided on the other side of the control panel to avoid accidental de-clamping.

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