Precise loading of rotors for screw compressors on the testing machines is a very difficult and challenging job. Rotors which are the heavy need to be precisely placed on the testing machine with a tolerance of only 1 degree. Even the slightest misalignment between Rotor and pivots on a testing machine can damage the later and incur substantial costs.

The process to be automated involved lifting Rotors from a horizontal position, tilt by 900 to a vertical position to be finally placed on the testing machine. Fine Handling developed a Gripper that could handle 32 variants of the Rotors with weights ranging from 25 kg to 350 kg.

Even the slight imbalance while mounting could damage pivots
Size of the gripper was key to achieve accurate placement

Fine Handing developed an electro-pneumatic manipulator with a variable frequency drive to ensure accurate mounting. Where lift and tilt functionality were driven electrically and clamping was based on pneumatics.

Safety Features

  • A manipulator was equipped with a sensor to ensure proper clamping of the component.
  • Specialized J type clamps were developed which will hold the component in case of air failure
  • Double hand clamping to ensure operator alertness
  • De-clamping controls were provided on the other side of the control panel to avoid accidental de-clamping