Pune based infra-structure company which was into manufacturing of various concrete based products for construction industry wanted a solution to handle Paver blocks. Paver blocks were one of their key products and they had variety of Pavers right from 4” x 4” to 8” x 8”

Fine Handling designed a very specialized gripper mounted on the innovative ElbowLIFT to transfer Paver Blocks from the drying pallets to packing pallets to stack one above the other with alternate 90° rotation. The Gripper consisted of four jaws to ensure precise alignment and clamping of Paver Blocks for over head transfer. Here coefficient of friction was kept high, which ensured that paver blocks remain intact, without falling. Even if the weight is high or contact area between the gripper and pavers is less.

The solution completely eliminated the need for manual labor in the task and increased the transfer speed by more than 5 times. Safer, damage free transfer were bonus benefits.