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Efficient solutions to arrest productivity and output losses

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Handling of Material still remians one the big bottlenecks in Indian logistics industry. At times loads are not always neccessary to be heavy to lead to injury of the operator. Repititive tasks perticular in manual handling leads to injuries, fatiques, back pain resulting wastages of products, productivity losses and drained output.
Fine Handlings Logistics solutions offers efficient operations with higher productivity. Our solutions enables easy picking, loading, unloading of Material while maintaining productivity in reliable and dependable manner.
AccelLOADER is an advanced truck or container loading/unloading system that eliminates all the hassles in process and increases output up to 5x than your current manpower intensive task.
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Vacuum Tube Lifter One of the most advanced pick and place solution that lift loads upto 200 kg within a fraction of second while totally eliminating Manual effort involved in the same.
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The innovative ‘LiftnMove’ by Fine Handling provides the smart way to handle loads up to 100 Kg making its extremely to move the material in narrow and busy axles confined spaces.
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