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Fine Handling

Absolutely effortless handling of material

With an extensive experience of 20+ years and strong customer list, Fine Handling and Automation is a leader in the design and manufacture of manipulators..
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Manipulators with customized grippers are very helpful for various material handling needs on assembly lines, machining shops etc., where lifting, positioning, the orientation change of the component is critical. It works on zero-gravity principle i.e. a balancing cylinder nullifies/balances the weight of the component, so that operator can lift and handle the weight with almost zero efforts.

Modular Design with Ergo controls, switches for ease of operations

Arms to achieve maximum ergonomic reach and lift

Each Manipulator is designed to suit the space in which it operates

In case of Column Mounting, infinite rotation around the column can be provided

Customised grippers with an option of quick change mechanism

Types of manipulators

FineLIFT – FH-250
Fine Handling
FH – 250 as the name suggests is heavy duty manipulator for the handling of loads up to 250 kg. Further customization can be provided for more weight carrying capacity.
Portable Manipulator
Fine Handling
Extremely useful in moving and lifting component or load from one place to other across the shop-floor, factories, warehouse with extreme ease and with minimum effort.
FineLIFT – FH-150
Fine Handling
With a weight capacity of 150 Kg, FineLIFT -150 is designed for heavy components and is known for its reliable performance.
FineLIFT – C-80
Fine Handling
Compact and Modular manipulator with weight carrying capacity upto 80 Kg, ideal for sites with space constraints.
FineLIFT – S-80
Fine Handling
Standard version with weight carrying capacity of 80 Kg, Ideal for instances which require a longer reach, double rotation for easy maneuvering.

Mounting options

Column Mounted
Fine Handling
Portable Manipulator
Fine Handling
FineLIFT – FH-150
Fine Handling
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