The repetitive lifting and inclination of Rolls, Reels and Bobbins from 15 Kg to 500 Kg. is common in packaging and paper industries. Often, this is performed with tackle attached to a overhead crane or jib crane placed near the machine. Another option is the use of specialised attachments on Forklifts. However, most of these solutions are workarounds and therefore relatively unfit for repetitive tasks. To improve the productivity and safety of handling of paper rolls, plastic and metal films, and other rolled film products, Industrial Manipulators are an effective solution.
The Manipulator has a rigid arm and is supported by a customised gripper to safely hold the exact material that is being used. The material can also be gripped using an expanding mandrel, custom designed pneumatic clamping jaws, vacuum pads or grippers or even a specialised hook. The gripping solution can be designed so as to easily adopt to the load variants of different size, shapes and weights.


Creating safer, more efficient workflows in Packaging

Fine Handling offers advanced Industrial Manipulators and grippers for the packaging industry as per the specific requirements of the task and operations environment.

  • Each manipulator and attachment is custom designed to simulate the action of the human arm, hand or wrist according to the needs of the particular situation
  • Any number of configurations are possible, and the attachments can include anything from our standard hooks, electromagnets, and core grips, to pneumatic clamps or vacuums.
  • The entire system can be equipped with the ability to up-end, down-end, rotate and tilt the payload.
  • Can be used to lift bulk packaging, or heavy reels of labels or films, and many other loads in packaging.