A single solution to handle flywheel housing across the complete machining line right from trolleys where it is presented to final stage of packaging, was the requirement from one of auto component manufacturing company. This system required to carry the housing to over 12 machining tables and involved rotation and orientation change multiple times.

A rail mounted Manipulator for handling of Flywheel housing across the machining line, from the trolley to its packaging. A single Manipulator was designed to accurately position the flywheel with respect to the mounted needs of every machining tables, often involving orientation change of up to 1800.

The Manipulator’s flexibility was further enhanced by a specially designed gripper to lift the Flywheel housing from both sides, as per need.

After successful implementation of this system, we were able to reduce manpower requirement and cycle time by 50%, then earlier as one operator could complete task without any help. earlier this process was carried out manually with help of trolleys which involved significant amount time and effort.