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Ergonomic devices for safe and hygienic handling for Food and Beverages

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Food and Beverages industry demands for various types of materials to be handled. Right from cartons of glass bottles which needs at most precaution to handle them gentley to 250 kg barrels which may need precision while tilting and turning. Apart precision and perefection, Food and Beverages sector needs a very clean and hygienic handling to ensure nil contaminaton to contents inside.
Fine Handling has a capability to cater to unique needs of food and beverages industry, giving our customer complete piece of mind, that all equipment that they use exceed their expectation and meet all the statutory and regulatory norms.
Food and Beverages
Vacuum Tube Lifter One of the most advanced pick and place solution that lift loads upto 200 kg within a fraction of second while totally eliminating Manual effort involved in the same.
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Food and Beverages
Barrel Handling Fine handling has developed specialized solutions for handling, tilting and turning of barrel and drums. Operators can easily move barrels without any interia and efforts.
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Food and Beverages
The innovative ‘LiftnMove’ by Fine Handling provides the smart way to handle loads up to 100 Kg making its extremely to move the material in narrow and busy axles confined spaces.
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