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Perfect lifting, precise placement

Over the years Fine Handling has developed deep expertise in designing grippers for handling a wide variety of materials. Every gripper is customized based on the design of the component.

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A gripper is the heart of every ergonomic assisted device. Development of gripper involves a multi-disciplinary approach in order to handle specific material in a smooth, ergonomic, and safe manner.

With Fine Handling’s 20+ years of expertise in designing and developing grippers, you get assured gripping solution. Every gripper is customized based on the design of the component and can use pneumatic, mechanical or vacuum as a source of power. In case of a specific requirement magnetic gripper or even a tackle can be used to hold the component.

Types of Gripper

Cylinder Block
Customized Grippers
Specialized Grippers for Cylinder Blocks are equipped with orientation change mechanism of 45° and 90° which facilitates the operator to easily load it in required angles.
Crank Case
Customized Grippers
Specialised PU Ballon type Gripper which enters the bore of the Crankcase and expands with the help of pneumatics to firmly pick the component.
Spare Wheel
Customized Grippers
A spare wheels are either mounted on tailgate or inserted in the boot space. Fine Handling has developed innovative Grippers for both types of spare wheel mountings.
Customized Grippers
Gripper with tilt functionality for smooth and easy insertion of bulky Seats through narrow door aperture.
Customized Grippers
32 variants of rotors, with weights between 25 to 350 kg and one single Gripper to mount the rotors on the testing machine with perfect precision.
Instrument Panel
Customized Grippers
Seamless insertion of heavy Instrument Panel through narrow door aperture is a challenging task, Fine Handling has developed unique Grippers for this task.
Customized Grippers
Vaccum based Gripper which grips on window glass of the doors. Tilt functionality facilitates easy alignment of the Doors to the car body for assembly.
Tractor Hood
Customized Grippers
Single Gripper for handling 7 variants of Tractor wood on the assembly line. Tilt functionality is provided for easy alignment.

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