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Fine Handling

Achieve effortless loading & unloading

AccelLOADER is a unique solution that helps workers in loading/unloading tasks from trucks or containers. With AccelLOADER workers can improve their efficiency by 10x.
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Manual loading/unloading of material into the truck/container or the docks remains one of the most inefficient tasks in intra-logistics. AccelLOADER is a unique solution to assist the workers in loading/unloading tasks from trucks or containers. With AccelLOADER, workers can easily improve their handling capacity by up to 10 times, depending on the size and weight of the boxes. Automatically sensing when loaded, these self-starting machines comes with dual travel drive for highly efficient material handling.

Navigates through dock slopes and across dock plates (typically 5 deg)

Easily gets inside and reaches right up to the end of truck/container

Needs less than three people to complete the loading/unloading

Can be easily driven to multiple docks

Synchronized integration with roller conveyor and vacuum tube lifter

Eliminate wastage in handling

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