Why Us

Fine Handling has built specialized capability to respond to your unique needs with the highest quality material handling solutions, technology, and services available in the world. From simple lifting tasks to high speed material handling processes, our automation solutions offer huge gains in productivity. Whether you are looking for a standalone pick and place solution, conveyor system, robotic handling or integrated, fully automated solution, our team will work with you to find the best method and technology application to fit your business.


Excellence at your hand

With Fine Handling you get a predictable solution that automates your material handling processes in a snap. Our solutions not just bring the latest, world-leading technology to your shop-floor, but ensure that each of the superior features are implemented to leverage value that is way beyond the upfront costs.

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Made for you!

In material handling one size does not fit all. You need scalable automation solutions to accommodate the wide range of possibilities. Our solutions are designed to deliver precise control and high performance keeping in mind the specific requirements of your lifting and handling processes.

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At its HEART

Safety is deeply embedded into our solutions - right form the concept design to adding each of the features, everything is built to meet the highest standards in safety. Based on extensive research, our designs transform ideas into reality to deliver a benchmark in productivity.

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Quick returns on your investments

From preparing the site to configuring the solution for site conditions, our team takes complete responsibility of seamless integration of the new process into your existing operations

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